Top 5 Coffee Shops in the World

Start your journey as we share, start-to-finish, everything you'll need to know to find the coffee shop that best suits your taste. We'll recommend the best spots for a coffee. 

1.Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco: Ritual is a certified organic roaster that offers an extremely rich and clean cup of coffee. You can never go wrong with one of their many unique brews as they are always fresh and welcome you to share in their passion for coffee.

2.Kaffi Vinyl, Reykjavík: This fun and inspired coffee shop might be one of the best spots to start your day with a great cup of joe. They offer high-quality natural coffees from around the world and will help guide you through their menu so you get just what you need.

3.Caffe Reggio, New York City: Since 1927 this classic Italian espresso bar has been serving up some of the most interesting drinks that can still draw in customers today. With a constantly growing supply of beans from all over the globe, it's no wonder why Caffe Reggio is better than ever.

4.Nelson The Seagull, Vancouver: A fairly new spot that immediately started making waves in the city, Nelson The Seagull serves up delicious cups of coffee that taste like none other - according to locals!

5.Panther Coffee, Miami: Panther Coffee sources fair-trade and organic beans, supplying them to big names like Four Seasons Hotels. Their espresso is truly worth stopping by for if you're in the area – its creamy body and sweet finish make it a favorite among Miamians who say it's a must-try.