Characteristics of a good Barista

Welcome to a new exploration of a barista's craft to make the best coffee! We might say it's an art, but it is also a science, an involved process that takes creativity, hard work, and dedication. You might be surprised by what may be required to draw out the unique, rich flavors of coffee, as well as the amazing growth of the coffee industry today. I'm excited to offer a guide on what it takes to grow into a truly great barista, with clean and fair techniques. Let's start with the basics and work our way up to better techniques that will immediately bring to light characteristics of a good Barista.


1. Keeps up to date with the latest trends in coffee according to research and popular opinion

2. Has a keen eye for quality and flavor, able to bring out rich, unique flavors of coffee

3. Adheres to clean and fair techniques when producing coffee

4. Possesses natural creativity when it comes to experimenting with new coffee recipes

5. Willing to try different methods to produce an interesting cup of coffee

6. Certified by official body or has taken relevant courses to stay knowledgeable on best practices

7. Stays inspired and motivated to continue growing as a barista

8. Offers recommendations based on customer preferences

9. Welcomes feedback from customers to help improve their craft

10. Always provides fresh supply of coffee beans/grounds that is worth what people pay for it