Trends in Coffee

1. Delicious and fragrant Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that has never been roasted before, providing an incomparable flavor experience.

2. Bright and flavorful Nicaraguan Maragogipe coffee, with its distinctively nutty taste sure to draw you in.

3. Dark roast Brazilian Santos coffee, known for its bold and smoky notes - a unique offering perfect for any occasion.

4. Light and smooth Colombian Supremo coffees, boasting a sweet aftertaste that will linger on your tongue.

5. Fair Trade Certified Coffee, ensuring the highest quality of beans with natural flavors.

6. Growing demand for organic, clean-sourced coffee as people become more conscious of what they're drinking.

7. A big surge in popularity for cold brews and other speciality drinks across all demographics.

8. Incredible variety of flavor profiles available today, from light and fruity to deep and chocolaty!